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The Inrotech-MicroTwin is a compact and light weight gantry with 2 welding robots, welding machines and a scanning system for identifying stiffeners on panels. Specifically designed for the welding of micro panels, sub-assemblies and T-profiles in the shipbuilding industry, but can also be used for other purposes. Works fully automatic, push the “start” button; after completed scanning the welding starts automatically

The Inrotech-MicroTwin is named as such due to the fact that two welding robots are working together – as a pair of twins.
An aluminum mini-gantry forms the basis of this welding robot system. In one of the side towers the two robot controllers are placed together with the electrical cabinet. The other side tower holds the two Kemppi A7 welding machines.

System design

Operating the Inrotech-Classic is very simple. The welding robot on the rails must be positioned in approximate distance to the welding job. The operator is only required to give two simple instructions to the robot in order to start up the welding process: Which direction (right or left) and how many jobs. Once the system has been given this information, it starts a short sensing sequence, where the object is identified by means of a laser sensor.

Once the object has been recognized, the welding process is commencing automatically. This continues until the entire panel is welded. At our customers up to 6 Inrotech-Classic robots are operated by one operator only. The user panel consist of an intuitive, icon-based windows touch panel. Here the operator will find all commands in clear language, no codes and no programming are involved.

No special education is required. The operator, who do not need to have any robot experience, is ready to operate the system after a short introduction.

Welding targets

The Inrotech-MicroTwin is specifically designed for the welding of micro panels, mini panels and sub-assemblies in the shipbuilding industry. However, it can be used for a variety of welding jobs across various industries.


Operation is as simple as can be: push the green button and wait until the panels are welded! No further input is required from the operator. As in all Inrotech solutions the user interface is an intuitive touch panel, windows and icon based. All icons on the touch screen are self-explanatory and can be translated into any language. Even the cameras on the gantry are displayed on the large touch screen. Touch panel is placed in a floor-based console, which can be placed at a convenient location next to the MicroTwin. 

Through the touch screen the operator has access to several functions and features enabling the operator remotely to control any given situation of the Inrotech-MicroTwin welding robot, performing service, pause for wire change or whatever is necessary. Robot welding does not get any more automatic than this!

The operator has the option of selecting chain weld, change welding sequence etc. 

This is easily done on the intuitive touch panel.
The robot is delivered as a “plug-and-play” unit and is fully operational once the rails, safety curtain, or fencing, has been installed and the system has been connected to power, shielding gas and compressed air.

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The Inrotech-Classic is a well proven product, which has been in operation in shipyards around the world for almost a decade.

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