Inrotech Welding Solutions Wind & Hydro

With the Inrotech-WeldLogic technology, the possibilities of boosting the welding and production
 processes of the Wind & Hydro sector has increased dramatically.

Inrotech solutions provide you the tools to increase your level of competitiveness when
manufacturing parts with heavy material requiring multipass welding joints.

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Welcon A/S, Denmark

We’ve played an active part in the wind business since our beginning, and contributed to the development of larger and more powerful wind turbines.

Inrotech’s WeldLogic technology can support the heavy steel industry’s increasing need of skilled manual welders. With Inrotech’s WeldLogic technology, welding jobs before impossible to automate, are now within reach for everybody to have, as it is both intelligent and very easy to use for the welders.

WeldLogic Technology

WeldLogic offers the feature of welding multipass welding automatically, taking tolerances of the weldgroove into consideration and automatically compensating for variations. After an intensive development period, Inrotech launched in 2016 the WeldLogic technology as a complementation to SensLogic. 

Inrotech solutions for Wind & Hydro Industries

Based on field experience, we are constantly improving both the mechanical concept and our unique software. This approach enables the introduction of our robotic welding solutions in new areas, which so far only have been possible to weld manually- or best case semi manually.

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