Reasons to buy an Inrotech-MicroTwin

The Inrotech-MicroTwin releases
approximately 6-8 welders per shift. The typical payback time is between 1-2 years.

Fully automated welding based on scanning and sensing of various micro-panels and similar structures. No programming needed!
No transfer of CAD-drawings.

Very high and consistent welding quality resulting in less or no repair work needed.

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minimal down-time, maximal productivity

The Inrotech-MicroTwin is a compact and light weight gantry with 2 welding robots and a scanning system which identifies stiffeners on panels. It is specifically designed for the welding of micro panels, sub-assemblies and T-profiles in the shipbuilding industry, but can also be used for other applications as well. Works fully automatic; push the “start” button; after completed scanning the welding starts automatically.

SensLogic Technology

By the use of SensLogic, The Inrotech-MicroTwin scans and senses the items placed in the working area. The robot automatically plans the entire welding process, where after the welding process commences automatically. Ends are closed and vertical joints are included in the welding. As a supplementary option, Inrotech can offer the automatic detection and end closing of waterholes. The gantry can be delivered with a span of up to 6000 mm. Operation: push the green button; the gantry runs over the panels placed in the working area while making a scan. On the return way the panels are welded.

Simple operation

The operation of the Inrotech-MicroTwin is very simpel: Place the items to be welded randomly within the workspace of the MicroTwin and press the start button on the intuitive touch panel. The scanning of the panels now takes place. It only takes a few minutes with a scanning speed of 8m/min.

Once the scan is completed, the exact position of each profile is verified by the laser sensor, which is integrated in a housing also holding the welding gun. The welding of the profiles now takes place without any further input from the operators side. This means: Place the panels and push the start button…that’s it!
No transfer of CAD drawings, no off-line programming and no manual selection of objects to be welded. Therefore, no back-end engineers are required. The Inrotech-MicroTwin is provided with Inrotech remote-access for online support.

Our robot welding solutions have significantly
improved the productivity of these companies

what our customers say about us

» Inrotech has developed a new robot tecnology for Odense Steel Shipyatd and pushed the boundaries of robotic application. Mobile
robots that can detect welding jobs automatically and perform a continuous high welding quality is no longer a fever imagination of
shipbuilders, it has become a reality with Inrotech’s mobile welding robot system. «
Thomas Knudsen. VP, Odense Steel Shipyard, Lindø Denmark


» I have worked with Inrotech in one specific large project with very high requirements for the welding technology and the
repetitive quality for the weldings. The weldings were performed as multi-run assemblies with full penetration in heavy duty
plates on offshore constructions and was carried out in narrow and extreme environments. I was very impressed by the
handiness and flexibility of the Inrotech robot as well as the high skills and engagement from the very qualified employees
from Inrotech. The concept resulted in both an increased productivity and an unsurpassed quality repetition compared to
manual welding and I will not hesitate to recommend similar solutions together with the skills from Inrotech in similar future
demanding projects. «
John Stecher Christensen, Project-welding Engineer, Weldadvice – European Welding Consultancy


» The quality of the products of Inrotech is very high. The solutions are practical, and they are easy to use for the workers.
Transitions of information from the card to the robot are usually difficult. With other products you need continuous adjustments
and updating of the interface with the robot. It is a process that is really challenging. With Inrotech products we save all
this process. We don’t need a card – this is fantastic. «
Fernando Miguélez García, Director for Advanced Manufacturing, Navantia Shipyard

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