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Robot Welding for Heavy Steel Industries

The advanced robot welding solutions from Inrotech are characterized by a high level of automation and very
simple operation. Another trademark is Inrotech’s mobile welding robot solutions, where you take the robot to- or even into- the object. Ideal for construction sites, for the welding of large structures or simply where you want robots to fit into your existing workshop flow

Robot welding

The Inrotech-Classic is designed for the welding of webs and bulkheads in the shipbuilding industry

Automate your welding of micro-panels, sub-assemblies and T-profiles in the shipbuilding industry with the Inrotech-MicroTwin

Inrotech-Crawler is a small robot, which is running on a flexible rail system and fixed to the substrate by means of switchable magnets.


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Inrotech designs and manufactures automated production and welding automation solutions for shipbuilding needs.
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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas
When it comes to welding requirements within offshore operations, Inrotech knows that weld quality, precision, and consistency is critical.
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Wind & Hydro

Wind & Hydro
With the Inrotech-WeldLogic technology, the possibilities of boosting the welding and production processes of the Wind & Hydro sector has increased dramatically.
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Heavy Industry

Heavy Industry
Inrotech Robot Welding systems are designed to meet even the highest demands in the market that others simply cannot.
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Customized solutions

Both the SensLogic and the WeldLogic technology can be used in a variety of customized solutions,
which may differ more or less  from the standard product portfolio.

Please contact us for further information and questions
concerning customized solutions.

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We provide full meeting experiences with live demonstrations through modern tools. Whether you want to know more about our advanced robot solutions or discuss special requirements, we are ready to assist.

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Without compromising welding efficiency, our solutions offer several advantages to the traditional gantry-based solutions: lower cost, less transport of large structures and flexibility to move to different working areas.

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