Inrotech’s Standard Mobile Welding Robot

Main purpose

Designed for welding bulkheads or web-frames on open blocks or inside the double bottom of cargo vessels or tankers.

Mechanical design

Mobile solution with a robot unit on modularized rails and a frame with controller/welding machine.
Initially developed in 2008 on a Danish shipyard owned by MAERSK, now operating on several shipyards around the world.


The robots can be inserted in various places in the production and is easily moved around on its trolley or be means of other transport equipment. Once setup and started, the robot will automatically move along the rails. Rail units of 1.6 meters can be connected and extended as the robot moves along the rail.

System design

The robot does not require any programming but is able to determine the welding tasks by means of Inrotech’s Logic System (ALPT) using the integrated Laser Sensor.

Welding targets

All connections between panel and bulkheads or web-frames including brackets and to a certain extend longitudinal girders.

welding robot1

welding robot2

welding robot3