General features for Inrotech’s Welding Robot Solutions


The general characteristics for Inrotech’s Welding Robot solutions

  • ALPT: The robots does not need any programming in advance, but are able to determine the welding jobs in its working area by means of Inrotech’s unique logic system (ALPT) using the integrated laser sensor.
  • All of Inrotech’s solutions are developed to work autonomous, demanding a minimum of effort and education from the operators. 
  • Inrotech is very focused on the welding technology and has a technological co-operation with different welding machine suppliers, and take advantage of the newest welding technologies.


The advanced software control system, which is integrated in the system, is performing a lot of tasks

  • Weld recognition
  • Welding quality control
  • Handling welding gap of up to 6mm.
  • Safety torque control and speed limitation
  • User interface and ease of use
  • Extensive operation logging


The main advantages of the Inrotech welding robot systems

  • Adaptive Logic Programming Technology (ALPT) – an Inrotech innovation
  • Self programming – no programming and no CAD drawings needed
  • Easy to install and implement at customers production
  • Simple operation with intuitive touch panel – operated by welders
  • Mobile and flexible – can easy be moved around in production
  • Proven concept – sold to shipyards and offshore industry
  • A way of solving health, safety & environment (HSE) requirements