Inrotech’s Welding Robot for Curved Panels

Main purpose

Designed for welding of Bottom Plating Blocks and Bilge Blocks.

Mechanical design

This robotic welding solution features a welding robot on the rail on top of the block where the robot determines the welding jobs automatically. The welding robot system will do the entire welding of minimum one row.


Welding robot is placed on the rail on top of the block where it finds and performs the welding on its own. Rails are similar to our standard aluminum rails, which we use today for our standard welding robot system, however larger, stronger and more sophisticated. After completion of all the welding’s in one room the robot will automatically move itself by motor drive to the next room. The construction and the system is designed also to be able to maneuver between the minimum distance of the Floors, Frames or Bulkheads.

System design

The robot does not require any programming but is able to determine the welding tasks by means of Inrotech’s Logic System (ALPT) using the integrated Laser Sensor.

Welding targets

Bottom Plating Blocks, Open Shaped Blocks and Bilge Blocks.

Curved Panels Welding Robot1

Curved Panels Welding Robot2

Curved Panels Welding Robot3