From Denmark to Japan

From Odense Steel shipyard to Japan

In March 2010 Inrotech entered into a contract with an unnamed Japanese shipyard.
The delivery included 8 robotic systems for automatic welding of wing tank panels on bulk carriers.
During a visit to Odense Steel Shipyard (OSS) the Japanese shipyard got acquainted with OSS’s newest robotic installation, which was developed by Inrotech in close cooperation with OSS. The mobility and ability of the robotic solution with its simple operation and intelligent process management aroused the interest of the Japanese yard.


In late November 2009

7 technicians from the shipyard visited Odense Steel Shipyard, to study the robots closer. In early December 2009 Inrotech visited the Japanese shipyard to discuss the possibilities of implementing a similar system in their production. The shipyard is known as one of the most productive and best organized shipyards in the world, but had no experience with robots, and no idea that robots could be used in such a flexible way in a shipyard production.
Yard engineers from Japan were convinced of the applicability of Inrotech´s robotic system at their second visit to Lindoe, after being able to follow the robots in real time production for a week.


The main reasons for them to buy the entire system at Inrotech were:

Continuous operation without the need for an operator in 1-1 ½ hours

 The unique simple interface that can be used by anyone without requiring robotic expertise

-  Consistent welding quality - all the time
-  One man can operate up to 4 robots
-  High degree of mobility - can run through a manhole on 500x700mm in the ship´s ballast tank 
-  The system does not require customization of programs when tasks vary
-  Other mechanical equipment and sensors consist of low-tech components, which makes the system 
cheaper without compromising quality, and easier to implement everywhere.

The delivery includes a complete turn-key installation which was delivered in January 2011. The delivery also included implementation and training of the staff at the Japanese Yard production.